New install, old bugs?

  • CyBeRFiN

    CyBeRFiN - 2008-10-26

    Hi there. I was hoping that someone could tell me that I'm not alone on this one.

    I'm on Ubuntu 8.04 64bit with OOo 3.0. Now I installed v3 of OOo because ubuntu's v2.4 was giving me headaches (or so I thought) by telling me that segments weren't open, that they were open, that there was nothing more to translate, cycling through the same translation (yes, it's back!), and crashing OOo when exiting. Just in case, yes I'm on 1.22 version of anaphraseus.

    Well, v3.0 didn't do the slightest difference. So here I stand (sit) and wonder where the problem is?

    Any hints?


    • Ole Yansen

      Ole Yansen - 2008-10-27

      Hi CyBeRFiN.

      Anaphraseus is still in Beta, so it need care to work with :-)
      I suspect there is Basic crash happen before all this mess with segments.
      Maybe I'll send new snapshot of Anaphraseus to you?

      Rregards, Oleg


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