tms do not load, kboard shortcuts don't work

  • Anthony Baldwin

    Anthony Baldwin - 2008-10-14


    I am trying Anaphraseus for the first time, considering its inclusion in the next release of Linguas OS, Linux for Translators (on which I am using it,
    Not working with tmx files is a bloody shame, if you ask me, since this is the industry standard for translation memories.
    All the same, I used a sed script to convert an OmegaT generated tmx file to a plain text file (basically simply removing all xml tags in the tmx file), and tried to load the resulting text file.
    This failed.

    I know nothing of WordFast, nor txt format translation memories, haven't used Windows in 9 years, and do not, nor will not use Wine or any other emulation software.
    I suppose I'm a bit of a Free Software fan...
    Nonetheless, I would like to make this work, primarily so I can treat "uncleaned" files sent to me by clients, but, for inclusion in Linguas OS also to offer those coming to gnu/linux with Wordfast preference a viable option.

    What must be done to a standard tmx file to convert it to a viable text format memory for use with Anaphraseus?
    Also, perhaps this is an RFE, but, I would rather see it able to load a directory of translation memories, rather than simply one memory, since, having worked with OmegaT for several years, I have directories full of translation memories that may be relevant to any given project.
    Generating project specific TMs, as OmegaT does, has always made sense to me.

    I was able to, more or less, load a file and translate portions of it, and get a basic understanding of how to work with this tool.
    I find working with Anaphraseus rather inefficient, frankly, compared to OmegaT, the main issues being that the keyboard shortcuts indicated on the toolbar do not work, so, I had to use the mouse profusely, which slows me down, of course.

    Understand, I'm not here trying to disparage the project, but, rather to understand how to use it, and, perhaps, make a suggestion or two.
    Being a bit of a hacker myself, with a few projects here on SF, I respect the work developers do.
    I look forward to learning more about how to use this tool, and do hope that I can include it with Linguas OS in the future.

    Is there no active mailing list for this project?

    Thank you,
    Tony Baldwin

    • Sergei Medvedev

      Sergei Medvedev - 2008-10-15

      Hello Tony,

      I have installed the latest release of Linguas OS with OpenOffice 2.3 on my laptop and Anaphraseus keyboard shortcuts seem to work just fine.

      Linguas OS is a very interesting distribution, thank you for that!

      Kind regards,

    • Ole Yansen

      Ole Yansen - 2008-10-15


      "Open OmegaT TMX" feature would be available in next release.
      I'll send email to you about other subjects.

      Best regards, Oleg


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