Open of tmx fails

  • eSanctus

    eSanctus - 2008-09-10

    I created a memory, but can't open it: BASIC runtime error. Device i/o error. Opening tmx created by TWB ends on error too: inadmissable value or data type. Index out of defined range.

    Unfortunately can't use the soft with ready-made memories...


    • Letizia Bossi

      Letizia Bossi - 2008-10-28

      We are a group of students in charge of preparing a presentation about Anaphraseus . We are trying to test it but we have a problem selecting a TM: when we click on "select TM" a window appears saying "No TM selected", iven if we have alredy created one.

      And one more question: what's the difference between saving a TM as tmx and txt ?

      We look urgently foorward (presentation on Friday) to your reply.

      Many thanks in advance

      • Ole Yansen

        Ole Yansen - 2008-10-28

        Hi Letizia.

        First at all I need to know what version of Anaphraseus do you use? What your operating system and version of OpenOffice?
        In Anaphraseus distribution is text file called "memory.txt". It is sample of original memory for Anaphraseus (and Wordfast).
        Try to use it, how it will load. If you let me know your email, I shall attach it to letter with last snapshot.

        TMX is international format for translation exchange, and not recommended for daily use (big size of file).
        You can read about TMX here
        "Txt" is text format of translation memory. It's similar to format of Wordfast.
        You can read about it here, in Wordfast Manual

        Regards, Oleg.

        • Anthony Baldwin

          Anthony Baldwin - 2008-10-28

          I'm curious regarding the formatting of a text tm.
          The sample 'memory.txt' only has the following:

          %20080506~130845 %User ID,AU,AU Anaphraseus User,OY Ole Yansen %TU=00000000 %EN-US %Wordfast TM v.5.51b/00 %FR-FR %---12345678 .
          20080506~130854 AU 0 EN-US SETUP STEPS FR-FR L'INSTALLATION

          So, I do not see how the TUs (translation units) are formatted.
          If I could see a full sample tm, I would be able to write a converter from
          a tmx to a txt tm.
          I have a script, now, that converts a tmx to a text file by stripping all xml tags,
          but, do not know what more needs done.
          Appending the beginning of the file with the tags shown above is trivial, but,
          I need to see how TUs (essentially the matching segments) are formatted in such a text tm.
          If someone could send me a sample wordfast/anaphraseus text tm to baldwinlinguas at gmail dot com, I would appreciate it.

          I would be writing this conversion tool as a bash script, since what I currently have is already a bash script, basically a sed script.
          I could give it a tcl/tk gui. (or perl tk or tkinter/pytk, but likely would stick with tcl/tk, just because it is simplest...I do not know how to write Qt or gtk guis..nor do I have any java skills.)
          Then there would be, at least for linux users (possible mac, I don't know if sed functions the same for mac os bash ??), a tool to convert tmx files to a text tm.
          Of course, the latest snapshot DOES load my OmegaT generated tmx files perfectly,but, for those
          who have "wordfast clients", etc., or other reasons, perhaps such a tool would be useful.

          be well,

    • Ole Yansen

      Ole Yansen - 2008-09-15

      "Device i/o error" message appeared when BASIC can't get access to the file.
      Other application locked it probably. Maybe Notepad or something else.

      About TWB tmx: it would be great if you send me archived (ZIP) copy of this one.
      My mail is oleyansen at

      Regards, Oleg.

    • Ole Yansen

      Ole Yansen - 2008-09-22

      Sorry, my mail is "ole_yansen at"



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