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Amygdala Spiking Neural Network / News: Recent posts

Amygdala 0.4 and Visual 0.4 Released

This version of Amygdala features a new public API which is more extensible and easier to use than the old API. Visual is a rewrite of the OpenGL debugger for Amygdala.

Posted by Matt Grover 2005-10-08

Amygdala 0.3.4 released

This release contains the fixes made during extensive use of the library over the year. It already implements most of the infrastructure needed for the features planned for 0.4. The most visible addition is a network visualizer / debugger

Posted by Rudiger Koch 2003-11-12

Amygdala 0.2 released

We're now presenting another milestone release of the Amygdala library. This release has SMP support, a simple genetic algorithm system, and and an additional neuron model optimized for speed.

Posted by Rudiger Koch 2002-04-18

Amygdala 0.2-pre1 released

This is a prerelease of 0.2, a major milestone towards a comprehensive
development environment of Spiking Neural Networks. This pre-release includes
all features planned for 0.2. The 0.2 release will include a user handbook, some
design papers and all the fixes for bugs found on the way.

Posted by Rudiger Koch 2002-03-17

Genetic Algorithm to evolve Amygdala neural networks

Creating large, functional Amygdala networks can now be done using a Darvinian 'survival of the fittest' method. Design documentation can be found at

To try it out you have to get the latest CVS including the 'ga' directory.

Posted by Rudiger Koch 2002-02-13

Amygdala SMP

The basic Amygdala-MP design is in place and SMP is fully working. You will need to get the latest CVS. It also contains the design docs.

Posted by Rudiger Koch 2002-01-27