Sanjay Pethe - 2006-11-30

Couple of basic questions:

1) What is the purpose of the InputNeuron class? I am trying to extend it to simulate sensory neurons, but its constructor was declared private, making this impossible. Is this a mistake or is there a completely different philosophy on how inputs to the network should be generated that I am missing? If so, can you point me to some examples?

2) Can the documentation on the website be updated for the ver 0.4 release? This should not take time, particularly for the doxygen documentation, which will bring it upto date with the classes in the current verison. I'm ready to help but I don't have the required rights.

3) What is the general state of the amygdala project? This board has been generally quiet this year after a lot of activity last year. Is anyone still actively developing? What are the active focus areas? From what I saw on this board, its been the development of a multiprocessor version, particularly to take advantage of the cell processor.

Thanks in advance.