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version 0.6 out

bus fixed:
- minor bug preventing to connect to a BNC

- added event_onChanMode
- added fallback nick when the primary nick is in use
- added bot_version native function to retrieve bot version as a string
- added mask manipulation functions: mask_getlist, mask_get and mask_match
- some changes to ensure that the host/ident of all the user on a channel are available after joining
- added string natives: strtonum, str_explode
- added array_valid

Posted by Julien Ammous 2004-08-08

version 0.5 again :)

now all the files are there

Posted by Julien Ammous 2004-07-25

version 0.5 removed

i forgot some files in the release, i will make another release with all the files in it.

Posted by Julien Ammous 2004-07-23

version 0.5 released

pretty stable, this build includes most of the features i wanted to put in.

Posted by Julien Ammous 2004-07-19

version 0.4 released

this build add extension support mainly along with some bugfix

Posted by Julien Ammous 2004-07-14

version 0.3 released

for the major part this version only fix some bugs and add missing functions, read the changelog for more.

Posted by Julien Ammous 2004-06-20

version 0.2 released

a big part of the base engine has been rewritten, especialy the network code, the scripting interface has improved.

Posted by Julien Ammous 2004-05-25

First release

The first version has just been released, for more infos check the homepage.

Posted by Julien Ammous 2004-01-16