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aMule 2.3.2 released

After almost five years, aMule features a new release: 2.3.2. As the number suggests, this release isn't about new features, it mainly consists of the bug fixes accumulated over the years.

You can read the full list of changes at the usual place.

Posted by Dévai Tamás 2016-09-17

aMule 2.3.1 released!

This new, long-awaited release is the culmination of the 2.3.x branch, and brings all the changes made over the last years to the mainstream users, including important usability, stability, and security fixes.

Full changelog is available in the usual locations.

Posted by Angel Vidal Veiga 2011-11-15

aMule 2.2.4 released

This release is intended to be the last of the 2.2.x series, however, noone knows what future brings...

Randomly picking some changes in this release:

* Adapted for newest suppot libraries, such as crypto++-5.6.0, GeoIP-1.4.6, etc
* Several improvements in Kademlia routing
* Fixes of rare, occasional and frequent crashes (just a joke, aMule never crashes ;) )
* ...and many many more...

Posted by Dévai Tamás 2009-04-03

aMule 2.2.3 released!

aMule 2.2.3 is continuing the 2.2.x series of aMule. Highlighting some of the changes:

* Fixes for less popular compilers, shells.
* >= 4GB fixes
* Fixed GTK crash on closing search tabs.
* Disabled ED2K/UPnP prefs if ED2K/UPnP is disabled
* Windows: fixed broken core timer.

Posted by Dévai Tamás 2008-12-28

aMule 2.2.1 released!

Highlight of some features from the countless bug fixes and improvements made:

* Protocol Obfuscation
* UPnP support
* Network protocol updated to eMule 0.49a (including large file support)
* Kad 2.0
* Improved skin support and country flags
* Support for compilation with MS Visual Studio

Check the complete changelog for a complete list of changes.

Updating your aMule version is highly encouraged.

Posted by Angel Vidal Veiga 2008-06-12

aMule 2.1.3 released!

This version is focused on bugfixes over the 2.1.2 version, specially on the language selection and windows compilation. It also adds search capabilities to the text-mode interface (amulecmd), and fixes some Mac GUI bugs. It's recomended to update (as always).

Posted by Angel Vidal Veiga 2006-06-11

aMule 2.1.2 released!

This new release is an update on the 2.1.x branch, and it's focused on bugfixing and removing memleaks on EC code. Everyone must update!

Posted by Angel Vidal Veiga 2006-05-28

aMule 2.1.1 released!

The new version of the aMule p2p client, 2.1.1, is out. This is mainly a bugfix version for 2.1.0 and it's highly recomended to update ASAP.

Posted by Angel Vidal Veiga 2006-03-18

aMule 2.1.0 released!

Version 2.1.0 of aMule is out, adding support for the Kademlia network, improved MacOSX support, and many other enhancements.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-01-02

aMule-2.0.1 is out !!!

This version is a very important HOTFIX for 2.0.0 version, fixes, among other bugs, 100% CPU usage caused by some missconfigured servers packets.


Posted by K.B. 2005-05-18

aMule 2.0.0 Released!

aMule 2.0.0 is finally out. This includes support for Linux, *BSD, Mac, Windows, Solaris and probably other OS out there. Support for CPUs like x86, amd64, ppc, sparc, alpha... is also working. This release also makes core/GUI separation fully fucntional, with daemon/webserver/remote GUI and other goodies ready to use. It's also of course a pool of new improvements and bugfixes, unicode is completely functional and download speed increased greatly.... read more

Posted by Angel Vidal Veiga 2005-05-03

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if you need some support go to


Posted by K.B. 2005-01-06

aMule 2.0.0rc8 released!

This new release of aMule improves greatly the compatibility with MacOS, and any big endian arch, along with lots of bugfixes, new features, and an (almost) perfectly working webserver and daemon! This will be the last RC version, so please report any bug so aMule team can release 2.0.0 final soon.

Posted by Angel Vidal Veiga 2004-12-23