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If I use Quicksilver or SizzlingKeys to notify me of track tag info (song
title, artist) then it doesn't work because Amua doesn't show that within
iTunes. Also, if I have iChat changing my status to the track I'm listening
to, then that doesn't work either.


  • Nightshade

    Nightshade - 2006-05-28

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    you want it here's what you do:

    Download the source (you're going to need Xcode)
    Open the project file and open the AmuaController.m file.

    Go to this line 682, which will be close to the following code:
    // verify that record to profile setting is correct

    Now put right before the } else { the following code:
    NSString *scriptSource = [[[[[[@"tell application \"iTunes\" \n set (name of
    current track) to \""
    stringByAppendingString:[webService nowPlayingTrack]]
    stringByAppendingString:@"\" \n set (artist of current track) to \""]
    stringByAppendingString:[webService nowPlayingArtist]]
    stringByAppendingString:@"\" \n set (album of current track) to \""]
    stringByAppendingString:[webService nowPlayingAlbum]]
    stringByAppendingString:@"\" \n end tell"];
    NSAppleScript *script = [[NSAppleScript alloc] initWithSource:scriptSource];

    Now all you have to do is set your build to Deployment and build it...
    The feature is added...

    If you find this too hard to figure out I had a buddy host this on her server:

  • Nightshade

    Nightshade - 2006-06-04

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    Here's a patch for this now for 0.5.6:

    How to use:
    Download source code for 0.5.6 (Need XCode) and decompress.
    Download the patch and move it to the Amua source directory.
    Type this command in Terminal.app
    patch -p1 < AmuaController.txt
    Build it..done..

    PS. The build I did for the previous version isn't there anymore...

  • Philipp Clemens Gérard

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    I would also greatly apreaciate this feature. Instead of displaying "last.mp3" the
    correct song-info should be displayed (and reported to iChat, if possible). I
    guess this isn't a too big change as you already report the propper file-name to
    iScrobbler. Thanks in adavance! :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Agreed. If the song info and album art could be displayed in itunes, that would be aw-aw-awsome.


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