I'm totally lost with this..

  • WolfShade_2k7

    Hello, all.

    I am coming in on a project that was started by someone else who is no longer working on this project. Said person is the one who installed/configured AMTU. There is one client with two accounts that use AMTU, they are both set up on different servers.

    This client is successfully uploading the files, and as I watch it seems as though they are processing properly. However, none of this client's inventory is appearing on Amazon.

    I've checked the configs for both AMTU instances. Everything is correct, including token.

    If the inventory is not appearing on Amazon, where are these files going?



  • 430ScudMonster

    are they going into the failed folder? stuck in temp folder? is there a response file in the processingreports folder? It would tell you the issue if the file actually did make it to amazon. I suspect the file is totally failing before getting to amazon or after.