AMP 1.10.008 released!

Asterisk Management Portal 1.10.008 has now been released.

Please visit the AMP homepage for links to Downloads, Support, Documentation, and Trackers.

CHANGES: 1.10.008

- Backup/Restore (schedule and restore backups)
- Extension Call Recording (inbound and outbound calls)
- Queue Call Recording (inbound to agents)
- Custom Trunks (use any Asterisk supported technology as a trunk)
- Remote Agents (join a Queue from any endpoint on a trunk)
- Outbound Route Password (require a password for certain outbound patterns)
- i18n (web interface can now be translated)
- ZAP trunk channels no longer hard-coded in
- *<exten> dials direct to voicemail() (the * prefix is configurable)

See the ChangeLog for a more detailed list.

Posted by Ryan Courtnage 2005-05-26

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