AMP-1.10.007 Released!

The "Secret Agent" final release of the Asterisk Management Portal is now available for download:

This exciting new release adds a great deal of functionality and flexibility. Thank you for all the contributions and feedback!


- Added AMP Users (multi-department, basic multi-tenant)
- Added incremental upgrade script (install_amp)
- Use /etc/amportal.conf to tweak AMP to your environement (MySql credentials, web root, ip address, etc)
- New Outbound Routes page to control trunks used for outbound calls based on dial patterns
- LCR using Outbound Routes
- Trunks page adds dial rules to modify numbers per-trunk before dialing
- ENUM Trunks
- Queues support added
- Support for ZAP extensions
- More voicemail options added
- New AGI-based directory application to support both first and last name lookups and return to operator
- provide customization points for all AMP generated extension contexts.
- Upgrade to Flash Operator Panel 0.20
- Upgrade Asterisk-Stat to v2.0
- Added cvs2cl generated ChangeLog (see this for all changes and bug fixes)

Posted by Ryan Courtnage 2005-03-28

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