#10 Specify Amount of Item Text Shown


Along the lines of one of the suggestions in Feature
Request #584673, how about allowing users to choose
how much of each item to show?

The "My Settings" page could have a choice list
with "Titles Only", "First 240 Characters", and "Full
Text". Just that much of each item would then be
shown to the user. It would go a long way to allowing a
person with multiple feeds to scan past articles they've
already read, and you wouldn't need to play any games
with dynamic pages or CGI.


  • Morbus Iff

    Morbus Iff - 2003-04-10

    Logged In: YES

    This is already possible, and has been discussed on the
    ampheta-develop mailing list. Ultimately, you yourself can
    do this right now by editing templates/default/index.html,
    looking for:

    # each of the channel items.
    foreach my $item (@{$data->{item}}) {

    and adding right after it:

    $item->{description} = substr(0, 240, $item->{description});

    This will cut the description down to 240 characters. Be
    forewarned, however, this isn't HTML smart. If the
    description contains HTML, there's a good chance you'll cut
    a tag in the middle, thus corrupting the remainder of the
    AmphetaDesk web page. Either way, there are indeed plans to
    make this a user-configurable choice without modifying files.

    Likewise, "Titles Only" is a simple matter of looking for:

    to_browser(qq{ $item->{description} }) if $item->{description};

    and putting a # in front of that line.

  • Morbus Iff

    Morbus Iff - 2003-04-10
    • assigned_to: nobody --> morbus
  • James Damour

    James Damour - 2003-04-10

    Logged In: YES

    I knew it would be something simple... I just wanted to make
    certain that someone posted the request in case you hadn't
    thought of it yourself. Thank you very much for this software.
    It rocks!

  • Piotr T Zbiegiel

    Logged In: YES

    As far as the tag problem when grabbing a chunk of
    characters. You can follow up the substr code below with
    something like:

    $item->{description} = m%\A(.*)(?:<[^/][^>]*>[^>]*)\Z%sm ?
    $1 : $_;

    That should take care of any partial tags as well as any
    tags who are missing their closing twin (like <B> when </B>
    or part of it is missing). However, this doesn't handle
    cases where there are nested tags very well.


  • Morbus Iff

    Morbus Iff - 2003-12-12
    • summary: Allow users to specify the amount of item text shown. --> Specify Amount of Item Text Shown

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