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CSV Reports 1.0 Released

Amped Reports has released a light weight CSV command line JDBC database reporting tool.

Define queries and input arguments. Run the arguments against the query via command line and generate CSV files dynamically.

Schedule the reports to run on any OS via cron tab, the windows scheduler or another job service.

Posted by Britton LaRoche 2007-08-01

Amped Reports Alpha 5.3.2

Amped Reports, a webbased AJAX reporting tool connects to and JDBC compliant database. Apache Derby is included. This release fixes the database explorer and adds Sybase support by including the Sybase JDBC driver and sample jdbc url.

Amped Reports is rapidly approaching Beta Status.

Posted by Britton LaRoche 2007-04-04

Amped Reports 5.3 Released!

The Opensource java database Derby is embeded, for use as a reporting or development DB. Amped Reports connects to any JDBC compliant 2.0 and most 3.0 databases. Drivers included for most databases except for mysql (This is Apache opensource) and no GPL restrictions apply. All queries utilize AJAX. The Ajax Dojo toolkit is included, adding tree views, tabs and other rich client goodies.

New DB Edit / Explorer added. Currently supports dynamic query by table columns. Next release will include the ability to edit data.... read more

Posted by Britton LaRoche 2007-02-21

Ajax and Derby in Amped Reports 5.1 Release

The latest version of Amped Reports integrated with the AJAX Dojo toolkit. New asynchronous features allow many reports to submit and return at the same time. Ajax events are used to alert the user when the reports finish. A Derby demo database has been embedded in the web application to supply a test database.

Example online at

Posted by Britton LaRoche 2007-02-01

Amped Reports and Ajax Dojo

The latest version of Amped Reports has incorperated AJAX dojo. New asynchronous features allow many reports to submit and return at the same time. Ajax events are used to alert the user when the reports finish. A new release (alpha 0.5.1) is scheduled once unit testing completes. Source code currently available in cvs:

Posted by Britton LaRoche 2006-10-09

Alpha 0.3.1 Released

Amped Reports Alpha 3.1 war is released in the files section for download. Many New Features have been added.
1. Dynamic sql reports.
2. Dynamicaly generated argument parameters.
3. Connection list managment to run the same report on multiple servers.

Download War file,or windows setup.exe for easy installation here:

Posted by Britton LaRoche 2006-05-29

Alpha 0.2.1 Released

Amped Reports, a pure web based reporting solution written in Java / JDBC, has an Alpha 0.2 release available for download now. Features include JDBC connectivity, add hoc sql capabilities and web based reporting with a skinnable interface.

Posted by Britton LaRoche 2005-10-17

Alpha 0.2 Released

This is a basic test of JDBC connectivity and the new skinnable style interface. Both work very well. The plan is to make small incremental releases with complete working functionality. Japser reports will be integrated next.

Posted by Britton LaRoche 2005-10-17

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