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CVS, ixemul and new member

I want to let all know that the CVS service as been (re)activated, for now you will find here the ixemul.library sources, as released by Zapek and with the fixes needed to build on AmigaOS.

Also I will take this opportunity to give a great welcome to our new project member Pavel Fedin, aka sonic_amiga, who actually is the MorphOS maintainer of the ixemul.library.

we hope to improve the library and fix some know issues like the vfork() thing...... read more

Posted by Diego Casorran 2005-04-05

Merry XMas and HNY

Hello all, long time without updates, but we are here again!, offering you nice software packages for ours loved platform :)

My best wishes to all you amigans, merry christmas and a very good new year !

btw, christmas days, mmm, if you appreciate my work may do you want to take a look at my wish list ( :-)

Posted by Diego Casorran 2004-12-28


Hello all,

After some constructive criticism which we received, we have decided to release all amiga changes to the sources without prior request by email as it was in the past.

Unfortunately due the size of all sources packages is really big we are not able to upload all nicely... they are in .diff patch files, and you should download the original/official sources and later patch it.

Theres a new section deficated to the diffs:... read more

Posted by Diego Casorran 2004-11-01

new section - shared libs

We are pleased to announce a new section mainly focused to developers.

Here you will find usefull Amiga native shared libraries, (ported from unix),
to help you making your programs/ports smaller and faster. By now, three
libraries was released: avilib, bzlib, and libxml2.

Find them on the nonunix ( section, and
happy coding! :-)

Posted by Diego Casorran 2004-04-24

re-activated project news system

I've re-activated the project based news system and removed the web based one for maintain both simultaneously using php...

Posted by Diego Casorran 2004-04-06