just found your project site here at sourceforge, with
the respectable list of already ported software. Great
Now here is my request: would you do an AmigaOS (3.0+,
68K) port of the FLAC audio codec software?

Thanks in advance!

Michael Henke
smack42 (at) web . de


  • Diego Casorran

    Diego Casorran - 2002-09-27
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  • Diego Casorran

    Diego Casorran - 2002-09-27
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    Diego Casorran - 2002-09-28
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    Diego Casorran - 2002-09-28
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  • Diego Casorran

    Diego Casorran - 2002-09-28
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    wow that was quick, thanks you!
    I have downloaded and tested you Amiga compile of FLAC.
    Unfortunately there seems to be a serious problem with the
    encoding / decoding routines somehow not working correctly.
    See below for details. (tested with 16bit stereo 44100 Hz
    WAV files)

    -FLAC runs without crash on my A1200 (68030+882, OS 3.1,
    ixemul.library 48.0)
    -FLAC encodes and decodes files without displaying any error

    -problem #1:
    FLAC needs quite a lot of memory for operation. I've read
    that the latest release (1.0.4) has been optimized for lower
    memory consumption, could you compile that version for
    Amiga, please?

    -problem #2:
    flac files encoded and decoded on Amiga appear to be OK
    (they sound fine), but they are not bit-identical to the
    original input file. this is of course a very bad thing for
    a LOSSLESS audio codec.

    -problem #3:
    flac files cannot be exchenged with the Windows version of
    the flac software. for instance, when decoding an
    Amiga-encoded flac-file on a Windows machine the output is
    just noise. it's the same problem the other way around
    (Windows flac-file decoded on Amiga).

    So, the problems #2 and #3 are serious, because is means
    that the Amiga version of FLAC is NOT a LOSSLESS audio
    codec! The interesting thing about that is that both
    encoding and decoding does not display any error messages
    (corrupted file or something similar), it seems that the
    checksum routines don't even realize that something is going
    wrong! Quite strange, but i hope you can get it working.

    And about the player: my plan is to write a FLAC player for
    Amiga equipped with a Delfina DSP sound board. The DSP chip
    will do the decoding and playback, very similar to the MPEG
    audio player I wrote a while ago

    best regards,
    Michael Henke


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