Todd Oberly - 2004-03-29

If you are looking for new projects, would you take a look at AntiWord, an MSWord-to-Postscript (or text) converter?  Several weeks ago I needed to print a Word document that a company emailed me, and after trying every program I could find on Aminet, AntiWord (in combination with Ghostscript) produced the best results by far.

The Aminet version is .32, while the curent build is .35.  I emailed the port author over a week ago and haven't received a reply, so assume he's no longer interested.  The Aminet version has a few bugs, anyway, like a requester for /etc and some Enforcer hits that may appear when pressing Ctrl-C.

AntiWord is not a SourceForge project, but the code is still GPL.  Its home page is available at .

I believe AntiWord is currently the best self-contained Word converter available anywhere, and would love to see the newest version available on the Amiga.