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  • diego

    diego - 2002-09-21

    Where are all the source  code diffs?

    • Diego Casorran

      Diego Casorran - 2002-09-25

      noramally I do not include the srcs/diffs in the archives,
      when a program need some work to compile under Amiga I send
      the diffs directly to the original author for the next releases.
      even this, if you need help to compile anythign tell me...


    • diego

      diego - 2002-09-25

      My current need is for the source code and diffs for nmap 2.54 . And from there I would like to attempt porting 3.00 to the Amiga, but, of course,  I need some place to start from. ;-)

      For the most part compiling a package is not much of an ordeal, but getting that package to function properly (execute) is another situation all together. Hence the need for diffs to see what was changed and why.

      My original post was general in nature since I could find no reference to various source codes nor diffs for any of the projects. Which seems IMHO counter productive for open source development.  So, was just wondering as why that was.

    • Diego Casorran

      Diego Casorran - 2002-09-26

      Well, nmap is easy to compile... as default, some functions at my port
      are craped, f.ex. the ones it needs of libpcap...
      I already have released the v3.0, but of course you can try to compile,
      as I tell you by email... after compile succesfuly, you can try the newest
      version(s) 3.10alpha and help me to port it because is a bit more difficult..:)

    • diego

      diego - 2002-09-26

      Unfortunately the binary of nmap 3.0 fails with an
      EMT Trap error on my machine. :-( Without the source code diffs I will not be able to tell where things are going wrong.

      Compiling 3.0 out of the box, so to speak, after running the GG version of autoconf of course, succeeds here but have been running up against a bizaare socket error.

      Now it could be a difference between our build environments, but without the diffs there is no way for me to tell if the problem is with the necessary changes to nmap, our machines, or our build environments. :-(

      I think having the diffs available would speed up the development process, a lot. In the mean time you could send whatever diffs you have (context or unified) directly  to me so that I can try and figure out what is up.

    • Nicolas Mendoza

      Nicolas Mendoza - 2004-09-05

      I would like source diffs too, and if you can't be bothered to make diffs, a simple tar of the changes sources will suffice too. btw. I think that diegocr at sourceforge net is not working properly.

      Thanks ;)

    • Diego Casorran

      Diego Casorran - 2004-12-28

      as I told two years ago... the source diffs are included on the original sources, why nobody can understand this?

      ofcourse, if they aren't means that the patch wasn't accepted (5% cases, emailme and Ill send asap) or no changes needed!.

      wondering regards ;)


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