#4 Ixemul 49.17 problem with mICQ


Hi,with mICQ i have a problem with the new V49.17
relase of ixemul library.The word-wrap is "very"
confuse !
I send you an GIF picture with an combined window
grab of running mICQ with the SAME parameter on
both versionen [V48.2 and V49.17]
This is the only problem i have found with the
new ixemul relase ;)



  • Diego Casorran

    Diego Casorran - 2006-09-04
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  • Diego Casorran

    Diego Casorran - 2006-09-04

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    Thank you very much by reporting a bug.

    unfortunately, thats an already know issue which indefinitely
    delayed to be fixed due some reason not in our hands...

    at best, the issue in question is keep as pending status with the
    hope to be fixed someday...we apologize for the inconvenient.

    Best Regards.
    Sincerely, Amiga.sf Team

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