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AMDOverdriveCtrl / News: Recent posts

new feature: color temperature

This feature is inspired by tools such as "f.lux" or "redshift". You can set color temperatures for day and night operation. For further info have a look at "" or "".
As I understood "f.lux" and "redshift" use gamma ramps to simulate color temperature changes. In contrast "AMDOverdriveCtrl" sets true color temperatures by using AMD ADL calls. The results should be quite similar.

Posted by Thorsten Gilling 2011-01-09

Source code package exchanged

Just added a simple makefile for compiling without codelite. You can now use the familiar 'make && make install'. To remove the tool call 'make uninstall'.

Posted by Thorsten Gilling 2010-12-29

Version 1.0.1 released

Added some sanity checks at program startup and eventually report any problems. There seem to be some issues with mobile graphics...

Posted by Thorsten Gilling 2010-12-28

new 32bit deb package

Just added a i386 deb package to the download section.

Posted by Thorsten Gilling 2010-12-28

Initial release

First release of AMDOverdriveCtrl. Testing needed.

Posted by Thorsten Gilling 2010-12-24