Taskbaricon transparency under Ubuntu 10.10

  • logion

    logion - 2011-01-27


    Under Ubuntu10.10 the AMDOverdriveCtrl icon in the upper-right taskbar isn't rendered as transparent, instead the background of the icon is set to background color of the mainwindow(or so it would seem).
    Inside the application the icon is rendered transparent and the icon on docky is also transparent.
    Screenshot illustrating the problem.

    Someone else already had the same issue with wxwidgets: reference.
    He/she solved the problem by switching to wxwidgets 2.9, aka the development version.
    So i've compiled AMDOverdriveCtrl with wxwidgets 2.9.1 and the transparency issues was solved :), however there are a few problems while compiling/running AMDOverdriveCtrl:
    * During compilation one error popped up : http://pastebin.com/MpPKkM53
    I've circumvented this error by simply removing the contents of g_cmdLineDesc, then it does compile successfully for wxwidgets 2.9.1 and gtk2.0.
    * When running AMDOverdriveCtrl a few runtime errors are thrown by the debugger, nothing serious the lay-out of the bottom buttons is 'messed up'. They are still clickable but their height is reduced to a few pixels so the text is unreadable.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is: if anyone ever faces this transparency problem try compiling AmdOverdriveCtrl yourself using the development version of wxwidgets(2.9) keeping in mind the comments above.
    When I have a bit more time in the next few days/weeks I might look into fixing this issues for wxwidgets 2.9.1, would you think this is useful Gilling?


  • Thorsten Gilling


    sorry for the late reply.

    I don't think I will have time to fix the 2.9 compiling problems myself, but if you can do that I will be happy to add your patches to the code.



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