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Ambient Engine .0002 Out

The version of Ambient Engine .0002 is out, rest assured that this version has already been well tested, and rebuilt 4 times. So don't let the versioning numbers fool you. Also this is a posting to notify everyone that you can expect that I will be releasing a visual tool this week (I have some time off from school)! Already! If I cannot complete the visual tool by then, I will then release what I have to sourceforge CVS, and keep working on it. If your lucky (maybe, just maybe) I will have ambient .0002 packaged! In a primitive (very) installer! Just keep your fingers crossed, and hope I can get much done in two days, I could use help to; you don't even need any real technical skills (although some would be appreciated), so I know I am at least not alone in this universe. ~matt

Posted by AMBIENT 2004-11-10