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AmazonLib 2.0 Released With Book

AmazonLib 2.0, a PHP library for use with Amazon E-Commerce Service 4.0 and Amazon Seller Services, is a totally revised release of sample scripts illustrating various E-Commerce Service techniques. A companion book has also been simeltaneously released at

Posted by Jason Levitt 2005-04-19

AmazonLib 1.0 Released...........!

AmazonLib ( is an API for use with Amazon.coms Web Services version 3.0 implementation. It is written in PHP and supports all of the API calls for both REST and SOAP connections. It also includes a beta of the Seller API which uses HTTP POSTs to manage seller accounts. Numerous test cases are included to show developers how to use the API. Still it's useful, and probably necessary, to have a copy of Amazon's web services developer documentation to refer to (

Posted by Jason Levitt 2003-09-16