AMaViS-ng 0.1.4 released

AMaViS-ng is a modular rewrite of amavisd and amavis-perl. It scans email for malicious code inside attachments and archive files, stopping delivery if malicious code is found. It supports integration of several third-party virus scanners and integrates nicely into several MTA setups. Unlike amavis-perl and amavisd, there is no need for build-time configuration.

Support for OpenAntiVirus ScannerDaemon, Sendmail's Milter interface has been added. An admin tool for resending messages has been added. Handling f MIME messages is much more robust now, resulting in fewer messages requiring manual intervention.

AMaViS-ng can be downloaded from

A Debian/woody package is available from

Posted by Anonymous 2002-07-25

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