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AMaViS-ng 0.1 released

I have released the first version of AMaViS-ng. This is a modular
rewrite of amavis-perl/amavisd that allows for different MTA and
antivirus setups, on the same codebase.

What is different from amavisd/amavis-perl
* No build-time configuration. All configuration is done at run-rime
via a INI-style configuration file.

* The parts of AMaViS-ng are built as Perl modules with well-defined
intrfaces. This will hopefully make it easier to extend it.

* Module for running AMaViS as an SMTP gateway. This should make it
possible to integrate it into virtually every MTA setup. The idea
for this comes from Rainer Link's experimental amavisd-smtp.

* External programs are only used where absolutely necessary. this
should result in a lower load.

* A setup for Exim with embedded Perl is supported. In this case,
AMaViS runs inside the Exim process.

* Resource limits on the size and number of unpacked files can be
configured to prevent mailbombs from hosing the mail server.

- Sendmail's Milter is not yet supported.

- The unarj decompressor is not yet supported, due to security

- Fewer virus scanners are supported. Those are: Kaspersky Antivirus,
F-Secure Antivirus, H+BEDV Antivir, Sophos, and File::Scan (a Perl

MTA support has been tested with Exim, Exim-Perl, sendmail (pipe
transport), postfix (pipe transport), SMTP with postfix. Exim-Perl,
being the initial reason for the rewrite, has been most throughly

IF you find bugs or if you have implemented support for some obscure
MTA or antivirus software, don't hesitate to drop me a note. New ideas
and feature requests are welcome.

Future plans
My plans for the near future are to release two kinds of packages:

* "Unstable" snapshots on a regular basis that will be more focussed
on feature enhancements.

* "Stable" releases that will be more focussed on bugfixes, while
trying to integrate new features from the "unstable" branch.

Some of the projects that I consider most important can be found in

So, go ahead and grab the tarball or the .deb archive. For now, they
can be found at:

I will upload them to Sourceforge ASAP.

Work on AMaViS-ng was (and is being) funded by

toplink-plannet GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany.

-Hilko Bengen

Posted by Anonymous 2002-03-27

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