ejml - 2005-01-25

Hi Folks (sorry by my English)

I have a qmail's configuration very particular.

Firstly, We mail server mask the email's accounts, using the next configuration:

In the File qmail-queue in /var/qmail/bin:

exec /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qfilter /var/qmail/bin/qmail-masq.pl

This is a filter done by Davide Giunchi write in Perl for masquerade the email's accounts.

The traslation of email's accounts are in the file qmail-masq.conf in /etc

In file .qmail-fixup-default in /qmail/alias:
|qmail-inject -- "$EXT2"

Finally, in virtualdomains in /qmail/controls:


this work fine.

Now, I need to use amavis to scan the emails with a antivirus. I Have the Norman
Virus Control. I have compiled amavisd with this antivirus and it has done well. I need
integrate amavis with the previous configuration.

can somebody help me?