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#368 differing user settings resulting in always quarantine


I have a setup with postfix 2.3.6, amavis 2.4.1, and spamassassin 3.2.3. Mail is scanned by amavis normally, and the quarantine method is bsmtp to local files (which are later processed into a database using the amavisnewsql plugin for squirrelmail).

I am in the process of allowing users to either recieve their quarantined email in the database, or to have it just tagged and later filtered into a normal mailbox. I achieve this by setting the spam kill level to 999 on mailbox users, thereby not quarantining their mail via bsmtp.

The problem is when an email is sent to multiple users, one or more of which use the normal bsmtp quarantine. Amavis marks the email as spam, then because at least one user has a kill level under the level of the spam email, the email gets quarantined and not forwarded on via smtp to the mailbox user.

The spam ends up showing up in their (still accessible) database-based quarantine instead of their spam mailbox.

Is it possible to split out email for multiple recipients before quarantining?

I can provide logs upon request.



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