Amanda 3.3 released

The Amanda core team is pleased to announce the release of Amanda 3.3.0.

Source tarballs are available from


Binaries for many systems are available from


Documentation can be found at


Here's a list of the changes for release 3.3.0 (from the NEWS file):
Look at the ReleaseNotes and ChangeLog file for more details.

* The default auth is changed to "bsdtcp", if you are using the default bsd then you must add it to your configuration.
o in amanda.conf
o in amanda-client.conf
o in dumptype/disklist
o in xinetd (if no '-auth' argument to amandad)
* amdump trap crtl-c, it still send the report and do cleanup if you do one crtl-c, do it more than once to abort the run.
* s3 device
o use multiple threads to speedup the transfer
o can connect to eucalytus.
o new NB_THREADS_BACKUP property
o new NB_THREADS_RECOVERY property
o new S3_HOST property
o new S3_SERVICE_PATH property
o new S3_SUBDOMAIN property
* chg-aggregate: new changer that use other changer sequentially.
* meta-volume
* Add meta label in tapelist file
* chg-disk:
o new NUM-SLOT property
o new AUTO-CREATE-SLOT property
o new REMOVABLE property
o new MOUNT property
o new UMOUNT property
o new UMOUNT-LOCKFILE property
o new UMOUNT-IDLE property
* new taperscan algorithm:
o oldest: this algorithm try to run through the volumes in the oldest order
o lexical: this algorithm try to run through the volumes in the natural order
* Change in amanda.conf
o new meta-autolabel option
o autolabel can include org, config, barcode, meta in the label
o new client-name option in appication and script.
o application and script in amanda-client.conf can be used to set default properties for application or script.
* amlabel
o the label argument is no longer required, an autolabel can be generated
o new --meta option
o new --barcode option
o new --assign option
* amgtar, amstar: The path must be specified, it will not works with a device.
* amrecover: decompression and decryption are now done on the client if compression/encryption was done on the client.
* amtape: inventory print the current slot
* amanda.conf:
o autoflush have value "no|yes|all"
o script have single-execution setting.
o add pre-amcheck, post-amcheck, pre-estimate, post-estimate, pre-backup and post-backup to execute-on of script.
o add taperscan and interactivity section.
o add 'server' value in recovery-limit.
o add dump-limit in a dumptype.
* amanda-client.conf
o add amdump-server setting.
* script are searched in $APPLICATION_DIR, $CONFIG_DIR/<conf>/application and $CONFIG_DIR/application
* amservice
o add -s argument
o is also installed on client
* new amdumpd server service, if enable, it allow client to start a backup of itself
* new amdump_client program, it is use on client to start a backup of itself
* dump_client program, it is use on client to start a backup of itself
* implement restore command in amzfs-sendrecv, it can be use with amrecover

Posted by Paddy Sreenivasan 2011-06-08

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