Amanda 2.5.1 released

The Amanda core team is pleased to announce the release of Amanda 2.5.1. It is a significant milestone in Amanda project.

Source tar ball can be downloaded from

Source tar ball and RPMs for various linux
distributions are available at

If you find bugs or have feature requests, please submit a bug report on
sourceforge in the group v2.5.1.

If you successfully use 2.5.1, please post your success reports to

For list of 2.5.1 features and changes and documentation, see

The list of new features in 2.5.1 beta releases:

* Defects found by Coverity scan and Klocwork K7 analysis tools fixed.
* Works with GNU tar 1.15.91 - work with new gtar state file format.
* Open SSL encryption support
* Two new authentication methods: bsdtcp, bsdudp.
* Unlimited number of DLEs on a client with bsdtcp, rsh and ssh authentication methods.
* Recovery process amrecover uses Secure API. amoldrecover command (same syntax and functionality as amrecover command) is provided for compatibility with old Amanda releases. amoldrecover command uses old amidxtaped/amindexd protocol.
* Amanda debug files are separated into client/server/amandad and are also classified based on Amanda configuration name.
* Amanda command changes
o amfetchdump -o is replaced by -O.
o amcheck -w option does all tests including the tape writable test. Use amcheck -t -w to do only the tape writable test.
o -o command option to override Amanda configuration. Seeamanda man page for details.
o amgetconf command doesn't write the BUGGY message when aentry is not found in the configuration file.
* Amanda configuration file changes
o amanda.conf changes:
+ amrecover_do_fsf in amanda.conf defaults to yes
+ amrecover_check_label in amanda.conf defaults to yes
+ usetimestamps in amanda.conf to support multiple backup runs in a calendar day.
+ holdingdisk in amanda.conf supports new values: NEVER, AUTO, REQUIRED.
+ amandad_path, client_username and ssh_keys in amanda.conf for ssh/rsh authentication.
o New amanda client configuration file - amanda-client.conf. Different client configuration file can be used for each Amanda configuration.
+ gnutar_list-dir and amandates can be specified in Amanda client configuration file - amanda-client.conf
o .amandahosts format changes to allow use of secure API for recovery.
o Amanda service entries in xinetd configuration has changed.

Posted by Paddy Sreenivasan 2006-09-06

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