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Version Release: v0.7

The Windows Alias Generator v0.7.1 (Release January 1st, 2011)
* Completely overhauled GUI interface, new design that includes a MDI interface to
be able to work on multipule aliases at a time

* The installer method was changed from ClickTeam Install Creator to CreateInstall
Free (temporary, untill I figure out NullSoft scripting)... read more

Posted by techwiz24 2011-01-01

Release Watch: v0.7

Version 0.7 of the Windows Alias Generator will be officially released around midnight tonight (US Eastern time, GMT -5). I think it'll make a great gift for the new year! Enjoy, i'm putting together the installer now!

Posted by techwiz24 2011-01-01

Upcoming Release: 0.7

Version 0.7 of the Windows Alias Generator will be released sometime before the new year. I will have some time during the break in my studies to finalize the release.

This release will feature an overhauled GUI with enhanced features allowing for complex aliases and scripts. I am also hoping to start on the .a32 file format. This file helps keep a list of all alias files that amake32 (The Windows Alias Generator) makes. This way, you can clean up those unwanted aliases and get rid of all of them when amake32 is uninstalled. Keep your eyes pealed!... read more

Posted by techwiz24 2010-12-17

Version Release: 0.6

It's here! v0.6! Check out all the new features:

Version 6.0
*version number updated to 6.0
*amake32_gui.exe is here! use the -g option to launch it!
*changed IDE from SharpDev 3.2 to Express 2010
*started work on GUI overhaul (it's in the source tar-ball)
*source can now be downloaded by itself
*source cleaned up by grouping in #Region tags

Posted by techwiz24 2010-10-15

Upcoming Release: 0.6

Be on the lookout for v0.6! The latest and greatest build of The Windows Alias Generator will include an updated console, a graphical interface for designing complex aliases, and the ability to launch the graphical interface from the command line! This release will happen sometime between Friday 7pm, US Eastern and Saturday at Noon, US Eastern.

Posted by techwiz24 2010-10-14

Release delayed! :(

My project computer crashed recently. I was able to get in and rescue the source, but I won't have another build out for a week or two. Good news though, with the next release, i'll jump it straight to beta, as the release is stable, and i'll include the source. Also working on a graphical installer.

Posted by techwiz24 2010-09-30

coming out of pre-alpha

I am glad to say that I will be bringing the project out of pre-alpha this week! Be on the look out for the first official alpha build! Source code won't be out this build, but will be on the next one.

This new build fixes:
*crash sometimes when no startup args are supplied
*fixed assisted create mode
*correct build number and name-space shown

This mode will also come with an installer this time around. Be sure to check back around Thursday for the latest additions to this great program!... read more

Posted by techwiz24 2010-09-26

Project added

Hello everyone, I am techwiz24. as this is my first SourceForge project, please wait a while while I get used to setting up SourceForge's features. The first build is available in the files. It will state that it is build 0.4, but it is really 0.0.4, a simple string error in the manifest. Version 0.1 should be here soon, maybe by the 2nd of October. Until then, enjoy!

Please submit any bugs/feature requests/suggestions here. I plan on releasing the source code as soon as I decide on a license to use. Thank you for your patience!... read more

Posted by techwiz24 2010-09-24

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