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0.5.6 and Althea for Windows

Althea 0.5.6 is out, it now works with every mail server I've heard about. I have also succesfully compiled Althea using cygwin and gtk for windows, and will be releaseing an installer which will come with the exe and all the required dlls.... Althea LIVES!

Posted by Ethan Sommer 2002-01-17

0.5.3 released

0.5.3 is a major feature enhancement that is a precursor to some even more major features like attachments getting into althea. Major highlights include: Drag and Drop support for moving messages, optimized download of headers (a definite speed increase), start of sub-folder support, mail polling, and gettext support for i18n. Check it out.

Posted by Daler 2001-07-20

Althea 0.5.2 is ready for download

The developers of Althea are proud to announce the release of version 0.5.2. With some changes to the GUI and increased documentation (yes, documentation!), we think Althea is really coming along. Stay tuned.

Posted by Daler 2001-06-08

0.5.2 on its way for Althea

The developers of Althea are deep in the process of getting the documentation updated with better pictures and better explanations of new features. We've had numerous questions about the "theme" we used in our pictures before. It was the Aqua theme that got pulled from We would also like to document the GUI configuration window and how to get SSL support compiling and running. Interest in Althea is growing and we hope to bring all the major features together to accomplish our goal of a stable, small, full-featured email client.

Posted by Daler 2001-05-23

Althea 0.5.0. Now with SSL!

Althea 0.5.0 add support for IMAP over SSL!

Posted by Ethan Sommer 2001-05-09

0.4.1 is out

In 0.4.1 we have added accelerators for all the buttons on the toolbar (forward, reply, delete, compose, etc..) made it so that when you delete a message it advances to the next message automatically, and added a friendly welcome message that will appear the first time you run althea (or, actually, until you set up a server.)

Posted by Ethan Sommer 2001-03-28

0.4.0 is out.

We are proud to announce the release of althea 0.4.0. There are many major changes to the configuration scheme (long overdue!). There is a new XMLish configuration file format and a GUI configuration tool. Check it out!

Posted by Daler 2001-03-15

XML config file in CVS

Its finally here! The XML-style config file for althea. It definitely needs some testing but should be a lot more forgiving than the old style. The althearc.example document has been redone to reflect the new config style. Download the source from CVS or wait until we release again (probably soon).

Posted by Daler 2001-01-15

New Minor Version-0.3.4

After a great deal of messing with sourceforge, we have finally gotten the 0.3.4 release up. Things may slow down a bit for Christmas, but design and implementation on a new config file and (finally!) a configuration menu are in full swing. Check back soon and give us some feedback.

Posted by Daler 2000-12-20

CVS enabled

We have finally enabled CVS for althea and have uploaded the source to the CVS server on sourceforge. A couple of updates have happened on that tree, so if you feel lucky, go ahead and try to get the latest source from the CVS tree. We won't guarantee that the latest will always compile but we will use tags to differentiate between the latest stable releases.

On another note, we'd love to hear more feedback about althea, either by email or by survey. Thanks.

Posted by Daler 2000-11-10

Althea interest raised again

The project fell into disinterest but now, at least 3 of the developers are getting back into updating Althea. We expect to make another release in a little while. Configuration issues are not scheduled to be addressed in this release but it is certainly the biggest change that will be happening in the project soon. Stay tuned.

Posted by Daler 2000-11-02