Problem connecting with server

  • Anonymous - 2002-02-09


    I apear to have a problem contacting my provider. Using Linux (SuSE 7.1) I configured Althea and tried to log in to the server. At this time I was already logged onto the internet for I use ADSL. When trying to use Althea to log on to the mail server I keep getting the message 'unable to connect with Planet Internet' (Planet Internet being the name I gave to the server). Could it be this problem is caused by the fact that Planet Internet doesn't use IMAP but POP instead?


    • Steven Augart

      Steven Augart - 2002-02-12

      Please run althea with the -V option.  This will generate a trace of
      what Althea thinks its doing.  Edit out your password (which will
      probably appear in clear text in the listing) and post the listing as a support request to:

      I'll look at it (actually, it will probably be obvious to you once you
      look at it too), and will try to help diagnose the bug.

      (Off-topic: I'm running SuSE 7.3, 7.2, and 7.0 on various computers around the house.  Love that distribution!  I subscribe so I get the new version whenever it comes out.)

      • Anonymous - 2002-02-12

        Thanks for your help. Running althea -V gave the following info:
        Althea version 0.5.7
        Server loaded
        connecting to Planet Internet on port 143 using ssl= 1 using smtps= 0

        At this time I got the message 'unable to connect to server'

        After clicking on Planet Internet on the left of the screen I got:
        You selected server Planet Internet
        segmentatie fout (segmentation error in Dutch)

        At this time the program aborted.

        I tried sending a message with Althea and the sending worked, I received it in another mailbox.

        • Steven Augart

          Steven Augart - 2002-02-24


          I apologize for the delay in my following up.  Sourceforge is supposed to notify me whenever there is new activity in this forum.  It didn't.  Must be a glitch in the ``Monitor this forum'' button.

          On to the answer:  This bug is fixed in a patch that I submitted on February 12th.  (Althea crashed for me too, in the same way.) I think the developers must be busy with other things right now;, they haven't even merged it into the CVS sources yet, to say nothing of putting out a patched release.

          Here's the URL to go to if you want to download the patch and
          apply it to your source tree, then recompile.

          I'd be glad to help you track down your connection problem too.
          Please drop me an email if you do write back to the forum so that i know  you've written.


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