• Ethan Sommer

    Ethan Sommer - 2000-10-09

    OK, I have started coding again. Here are my current priorities in order of priority:
    New config file format
    Message filtering
    All other features _I_ have thought of.

    But I'd like to get some feedback about the config file fomat before I dive in. Here are a few idea's I've had. What do you think? any other ideas? modifications?

    idea 1= exactly like apache's config file. Most things are
    variable value, some things are grouped together by html like tags. example: (taken from apache conf file)

    MinSpareServers 5
    MaxSpareServers 10
    <VirtualHost host.some_domain.com>
    DocumentRoot /var/www/host.some_domain.com
    ServerName host.some_domain.com

    idea 2: exactly like pine's config file. variable=value. There is no grouping. we would have to change that to allow for multiple servers. My innitial thought is bracies ("{" and "}") example:

    server {

    idea 3: c like. basically the same as above, but not line sensitive. useses some line ending char and the like. example:

    server {

    idea 4: fully xml complient. I don't know exactly what that would entail. I'll put my guess below, but if we did that I'd have to do some research and make sure it was actually xml complient. example:

    <name>My Name</name>
        <name>My Server</name>

    All of the above assume that a variable has one value. Therefore, spaces will be counted as part of the string. I'm thinking linebreaks will be discarded if they are found in any format where linebreaks could exist. (3 and 4)

    So what do you think, post here or e-mail sommere@users.sourceforge.net
    let me know what features you have been waiting for, what format you support or what other format you like instead....

    • Adam Gorski

      Adam Gorski - 2001-01-25

      I like idea 1 the most. I think it looks the cleanest and is most intuitive.. but then again I know nothing about XML.


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