#25 make fails with gcc 3.1 native stdc++


hey I tried compiling althea on my LFS system which
features gcc 3.1 with native stdc++ (installed fro
sources), so I got following errors, only some of which
I bothered to fix:

no matching function for call to
std::char_traits<char> >::get(unsigned char&)':
(MIME.cpp: 96)
didn't bother to figure this out properly yet. it works if
you change unsigned char to char. I would guess it's
due to instantiation of the template in
g++-v3/bits/fstream.tcc, but I can't really be sure.

string was not declared in this scope:
(in MIME.h and some others) you got to add using
namespace std; or equivlent, because gcc 3.x
(contrary to gcc 2.x) actually understands

warnings on using deprecated headers, well I guess
they can be ignored (after all that's wat backward/
headers are for) although it would be nice not trigger

fails to link with SSL because, for some reason,
openssl from source installed only libssl.a and
libcrypto.a (and no libssl.so and libcrypto.so - still
investigating why). in this case, you have to specify
${SSLFLAGS} in the end of rule for all:, and not in the
beginning because of the order in which gcc (any
linker?) satisfies dependencies (i.e. -lsomelib has to
go after object.o which uses it)

when using it with enlightenment it managed to hide
password prompt for imap (no ssl) connection under
main window, which seemed as if it stalled. perhaps
some hint to gtk is needed?

that's all :)


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