Apoorv Parle - 2010-06-11

I just installed the beta2, and tried the pdf. Awesome man, you are going to put Adobe Reader LE out of business. Just some UI improvements and alternate reader rocks.
It really irritating to use the volume keys to goto next page, there should be continuous viewing mode, controllable by touch.
Also, the volume keys are useful for heavy reading, but usually I prefer them to control the music/radio. So it would be great if you provide an option to enable or disable the usage of volume keys. And two buttons for page up/down or directly touch on bottom and top of page.
I am not sure whether this comes under UI, but is it possible to perform 'wrap text' as done by Adobe Reader?
Also there is no way to know the page number I am on, so a pageno/totalno status would be great. If you could indicate a progress bar of how much over, that would be awesome. But while displaying the progress bar make sure that you donot take away large amount of already limited space of a mobile screen.
I personally like the UI and the controllability and flexibility of ZXReader, so you could try and see if you get any ideas from it.
All these are suggestions so don't take them offensively