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Installation problem in nokia 5230 SO6 v5

  • Sebastian Giusti

    I am new with operating system in mobile device. I downloaded and cant install the program. I have the next problem during installation: expired certificate .
    Can anyone help me??


  • Predrag Dramicanin

    Have the same problem on my device (5800)
    Need help as well.

    A month ago installation went with out a problem. But a had my phone system reinstaled so i need to install it again.

  • Anup

    Anup - 2011-07-22


    I just found out about this software today. How do I install it to my Nokia C7 ? I got the latest version and copied over the file.s I was able to install only 1 file from the PIPS directory - openssl. All other files are giving Certificate errors.

    Searching for Certificate errors on the internet is giving some scarier responses - not sure if that is the safe path.


  • Mr. Mcduffy

    Mr. Mcduffy - 2013-10-19

    I was able to install AlternateReader on my Nokia Nuron 5230 using Sign4ever.
    Download link for Sign4ever and instructions here:


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