#319 Trouble building foomatic-db-engine package

Erki S


First i want to say that Alt-F works great(RC3), no issues at all. Thank you!
Now that i'm used to it, i'm trying to expand samba functionality with ADS+kerberos support.
So i downloaded the sources and tried to rebuild them first as instructed.
No issues with base build (zImage, fs, initramfs built ok).

I'm having issue with building the packages, specifically foomatic-db-engine.
Same issue with RC3 and trunk sources, build log attached.
I'm building on Ubuntu 12.04.


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  • João Cardoso

    João Cardoso - 2014-05-22
    • status: open --> accepted
  • João Cardoso

    João Cardoso - 2014-05-22

    this applies to all binaries using HOST_DIR, not only foomatic-db.

    hopefully fixed with SVN commit 2956:

    package/Makefile.in: make HOST_LDFLAGS use rpath pointing to HOST_DIR.

    Some binaries are being compiled (-I) and linked (-L) using the HOST_DIR, but the runtime loader uses the system's libraries.
    This causes an issue when the system's and HOST_DIR libraries have different versions (API)
    This is a typical case of buildroot "leaking" into the system's installation.

    The solution will be to link all host binaries with -rpath pointing also to HOST_DIR.


  • João Cardoso

    João Cardoso - 2014-05-22
    • status: accepted --> fixed

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