I have the same card but debian lenny/testing (quite stable actually)

You need jackd audio server + qjackctl
Once jackd is running you can see every audio in his patchbay/connect panel and do all the routing stuffs you need from there.


2009/1/27 Ghislain Leveque <g.leveque@vegafrance.fr>
Hi there,

I have a Terratec EWS88MT (ICE1712 chipset). System is a Debian Etch
with a 2.6.24 (home compiled) kernel and alsa 1.0.19 (from the official

My soundcard is recognized and I can access it via
alsamixer/envy24control/aplay. I manage to play sound and hear it via
the first RCA output of the external box.

What I'm looking at is to be able to play differents sounds to different

My "alsa-info" is here :

Thanks for your help