I'm searching for the best soundcard to use with a JavaSound/VoIP application on Linux. I even have to mix in noise/clips with the VoIP packages received on the PC that will render the sound. So I thought better to go for a card that has HW mixing capabilities, which let me open more than one SourceDataLine (one for VoIP, one for noise and one for clip...) and let mixing be done at the hardware. I got hold of an old Creative Audigy 1 card, which really gave me great sound, as opposed to the new Creative Audigy SE cards with no HW mixing.

However, cards with HW mixing is really not easy to find on Linux. Creative seem to have stopped producing the Audigy HW mixing cards. All I found except that was the Mia MIDI card, but that had only passive mic input (had to have a preamp on those mics!).

If my mixing can't be done in hardware, does any one have a good recommendation on well performing single/double line I/O sound cards supported on Linux?  Best would be with drivers supporting opening more than one SourceDataLine on the same mixer.

Best regards,
Helge Fredriksen