Greetings All,

I am cross compile alsa-lib-1.0.22 on arm linux davinci.  Everything is fine, except that ALSA_CONFIG_DIR is not getting set properly like the way I want it.
I am installing the compiled libraries to the target embedded system where I want to pick up the alsa configuration
from /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf

This is what I am doing:

cd /media/disk6/stork/external-components/alsa-lib/_build/alsa-lib-1.0.22
export CC=arm-linux-gcc
./configure --prefix=/media/disk6/stork/external-components/alsa-lib/_build/products --host=arm-linux --disable-python

After the configuration, ALSA_CONFIG_DIR is set as the following in include/config.h
/* directory containing ALSA configuration database */
#define ALSA_CONFIG_DIR "/media/disk6/stork/external-components/alsa-lib/_build/products/share/alsa"

Instead of that, if I use --with-configdir=/usr/share/alsa, then ALSA_CONFIG_DIR is set properly, but it tries to install
the configuration to /usr/share/alsa of the host machine.

As a temporary fix, I am using a sed script to dynamically modify the ALSA_CONFIG_DIR of include/config.h after doing the configurations.
How can I sove this problem properly?

Thanks and Regards