Dear Stefan,
Yes, it's a laptop.
The the power switch is on "DC IN".
By the way: the fa-66 works well with windows, it can't be a hardware problem.
2012/1/27 Stefan Richter <>
On Jan 26 Stefan Thomas wrote:
> Dear Stefan,
> I went to pastebin.
> You can see the output at:
> Thanks!

Well, this log shows that both the Linux node and the FA-66 transmit
self-identification packets, the controller's selfID reception DMA
receives them, the controller's asynchronous transmit DMA is able to
send phy configuration packets to the bus and the FA-66 receives them, the
same DMA is able to send read request packets to the FA-66 and the FA-66
acknowledges reception of those.

What's missing is that the FA-66 sends back the read responses.  Or
maybe it does send them back but the controller's asynchronous reception
DMA does not work.  I don't think there is a way to find out which of the
two happened without additional equipment.

BTW, the FA-66 can be supplied with power through the FireWire bus or by
an extra PSU.  Since you have got a Ricoh controller which seems to be used
only in laptops, I presume that your FireWire port is one of those
unpowered 4-pin ports that are commonly built into laptops.  Just to be
sure --- you have the AC adapter plugged in which originally came with the
FA-66, and the power switch is on "DC IN", right?  (That's what the manual
from Roland's web site is advising.)
Stefan Richter
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