I am trying to get a USB MTPAV working in linux. I was assuming mtpav.ko is the ALSA driver I'm after, but although I'm able to modprobe snd-mtpav and the system sees my mtpav and has it assigned at IRQ 7 port 0x378 I am not getting any MIDI I/O with this device. I'm open to using any distro with the intention of using the system with this MIDI device, but for this I happened to choose Ubuntu Studio 10.04 LTS with the latest ALSA backports modules installed (I think it was linux-backports-modules-alsa for 2.6.32-22).

Since http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-mtpav has only mentions of the parallel version of this device is there a different driver I need to use for the USB version of the MTPAV? 

Anybody who has had any level of success getting the USB MTPAV working in linux - I would appreciate greatly any suggestions that don't involve buying another interface. 

I'm aiming to have this working in time to start working on my third year of RPM 2012. Each year so far I've hoped to stick with Linux but that has been impossible as I have never been able to get this device working under linux. 

Thanks a lot!

Rob Wentz