Ok, nice instructions! I will follow it immediately, but I have only two questions:

1.- The Debian pre-compiled kernels (2.6.32-5) have Alsa compiled as modules? How can I check it?
2.- Have I to uninstall some Debian package? I have several Alsa-related packages installed (alsa-base, alsa-utils....) Can I keep them or I have to uninstall before installing my compiled Alsa version?

El 28 de julio de 2010 17:42, VDR User <user.vdr@gmail.com> escribió:
2010/7/28 José Luis Segura Lucas <josel.segura@gmx.es>:
> VDR: have I to compile the linux kernel too??? I'm reading the how-to of the
> unofficial wiki: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/CompilingTips There is
> some way to do that without recompiling the kernel?

1. Make sure alsa is compiled as modules in the kernel.

2. Download the latest alsa snapshot from:

3. Unpack:
tar -jxf alsa-driver-snapshot.tar.bz2

4. Configure, build, install
cd alsa-driver
./configure --with-isapnp=no --with-sequencer=no --with-oss=no
--with-pcm-oss-plugins=no --with-cards=hda-intel
make install (needs superuser priviledges)

Then you'll either have to stop alsa and reload sound drivers, then
restart alsa... Or just reboot.