I want to switch between headphone, headset, mic input/output modes when I plug in devices. Alsamixer shows two capture channels, one is for the internal mic. I don't know how to use the other. I've tried switching some things on and off in hda-analyzer but I failed to get the functionality that I wanted. This notebook only has one audio port(TRS 3.5mm), so the selection is vital if I'm going to use an external mic. Currently the port is acting as an output only port. And something fishy goes on when I select "Analog Stereo Input" in profiles in Sound Preferences. It lets me use the external mic through the audio port but only if I push the jack half way, the input is detected and I can record it(but there's no sound output after I select this profile, its input only). I some how think that this is the "mic" mode and if I can get it to work on "headset" mode then I'd be able to use it for input and output.

This is the information that I got from the script,

Thank you,
            - Madura A.