On 26/01/12 20:06, Rob Wentz wrote:
I am trying to get a USB MTPAV working in linux. I was assuming mtpav.ko is the ALSA driver I'm after, but although I'm able to modprobe snd-mtpav and the system sees my mtpav and has it assigned at IRQ 7 port 0x378 I am not getting any MIDI I/O with this device. I'm open to using any distro with the intention of using the system with this MIDI device, but for this I happened to choose Ubuntu Studio 10.04 LTS with the latest ALSA backports modules installed (I think it was linux-backports-modules-alsa for 2.6.32-22).

I don't think it has seen your device.    IRQ7, ioport 0x378 is the parallel port.  lsusb might show the device, but that doesn't mean snd-mptav has seen it.