Hej August!

If I'm not mistaken choosing the sound card in alsamixer doesn't set it as default card but only allows you to set various levels of the card for the applications that already do use it. 

In order for it to be chosen you either need to set the software to choose that particular card, like you did in the second example for aplay, or you need to replace the card as the default device in /etc/asound.conf (system wide) or ~/.asoundrc (current user only). If the don't exist just go ahead and create them as needed. The code for setting N2 as default looks something like

pcm.!default {
	type hw
	card "N2"

ctl.!default {
	type hw           
	card "N2"

The 'ctl' might not be needed - it's a 'handle' for the onboard sound card functionality used by software that supports it, JACK needs a ctl device for instance, but most software work fine without it. 

Lycka till!!
Bästa hälsningar,

27 jul 2012 kl. 20:19 skrev August Karlstrom <fusionfile@gmail.com>:

I'm trying to interactively select a sound card for output (by all
applications) but after choosing my USB sound card (named N2) in
alsamixer, pressing ESC and then running

   $ aplay test.wav

the internal sound card is still being used. I can play the test file on
N2 with

   $ aplay -Dhw:N2 test.wav

so there is nothing wrong with the sound card.

Any clues?


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