I wrote to this list a while ago about my hda-intel soundcard until I found on the Internet that my exact model is a limited model and does not have Capture. So although I compiled all latest stuff, nothing helped. Be ready for such an outcome.


2009/10/26 Vedran Fura─Ź <vedranf@vedranf.mine.nu>
Dino Puller wrote:

> You have the latest alsa version, so you're right :)
> First you need to load the aloop device driver:
> $ modprobe snd-aloop
> than you you will find a new device, probably hw:1 so you can set it
> on audacity
> that's all

Oh, forgot about that. Seems that this module isn't part of kernel yet
so I'll have to compile it manually. Will try it in next few days. I
hope it works. ;)


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