Hi folks,
   I would like to record an AC3 stream from a DVD player using the optical SPDIF input, decode the stream using a software decoder and play it back through the 6 channel outputs on the same CMI8738 sound card.
   I am first trying to get the basic aplay and arecord functions to work.  aplay works fine.  I use
>arecord -traw -fdat -Dspdif test.ac3
However the file is not OK.  It has a bunch of zeroes at the beginning.
Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong.  I have used iecset to set the data to "non-audio".
Also, has anyone tried doing something like this, ie recording from SPDIF in and playing back on 6 ch output, full duplex.
Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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