Dne St 27. listopadu 17:22:40, Clemens Ladisch napsal(a):

> David Kačerek wrote:

> > Dne St 27. listopadu 12:57:26, Clemens Ladisch napsal(a):

> >> David Kačerek wrote:

> >>>> The S/PDIF output does not support 192 kHz.

> >>>>

> >>>> As long as the default PCM device is also routed to the digital output

> >>>> (mixer control "IEC958 Default PCM Playback Switch"), that rate cannot

> >>>> be used.

> >>>

> >>> I have my pcm devices send the stream straight to the "plughw:0,0"

> >>> device

> >>

> >> ... which sends to both outputs, as long as that mixer control is set.

> >

> > I'm sorry, my alsa knowledge ended at the point you said "mixer control".


> Run alsamixer. Select "S/PDIF Default PCM". Press "M".



> Regards,

> Clemens


Fantastic, it works. But for clarification - why do I have to mute S/PDIF in alsamixer when in asound.conf I have already specified the stream from the virtual alsa devices to be sent to "plughw:0,0" which means the 1st card and the 1st device on that card, which is CX20561 Analog (CX20561 Digital is the 2nd device) according to aplay -l? I even have the default pcm and ctl interface set to the card 0 and if the device (and subdevice) are not specified alsa should automatically chose the 1st ones of that card...so why the hassle with alsamixer? Or if something's missing in my asound.conf can it be written there instead of doing it in the alsamixer?