Hello everybody :)

I have a problem getting my soundblaster 128PCI working, I used this card + the snd-ens1371 driver
on a gentoo box with out problems.

But after moving the card over into a slackware box, i cant seem to get it working.

The wierdest thing though, is that modprobe snd-ens1371 SEEMS to work. Meaning:

1. lsmod shows ALL the nice alsa modules is loaded.
2. /proc/asound is created, and looks fine..
3. /dev/snd is created, and looks fine.. (though, it looks like the permissions are not the
permissions ive setup in devfsd.conf)

But, if i try to access(cat files to them) any of my devices. Like /dev/snd/pcmC0D0c , i get alot of
differnet errors:
pcmC0D0c = File descriptor in bad state
pcmC0D0p = Invalid argument
midiC0D0 = input/output error

I know i posted this question the other day to, but theres still no solution. What wonders me, is that other people seem to have had theise errors before(the only reply i got on my first was a guy who got the same errors), also on irc did i meet with a few people who had the same problems. Nobody had a fix though.