I need to use an alsa module (snd-atiixp-modem) to allow my winmodem to work. The program that must be used in accordance with the module to get the modem to work is slmodemd. This is it's usage:
/usr/sbin/slmodemd --country=USA --alsa <alsa_style_name_of_modem>

Problem is, I can't figure out the (alsa-style) name of my modem. I have looked for docs on the alsa-naming scheme and didn't seem to find any. I have already tried hw:0, hw:1, modem:0, modem:1, but with no avail. Can I trick the alsa server into thinking that there is a modem card somewhere?
lspci|grep -i modem shows the following:
0000:00:14.6 Modem: ATI Technologies Inc: Unknown device 4378 (rev 01)

hey, thanks for anyone who can at least point me in the right direction.